Monday, November 05, 2007

My birthday came and went. It was a non-event.
Mostly because I don't have a current address. And I'm in Mount Gambier.

And by non- event, I mean non-event. No singing, cake, presents, cards...No rowdy party. No alcohol. Not even any chocolate.
But it was ok.

I guess I'm just getting old.

Anyways, today I learnt a valuable lesson. All surgeons are surgeons. They have the same personality. The same selfish desire to edge themselves higher up the medical foodchain.

The reason why I hate surgeons and their personalities is because I could never be like that. I'm not THAT kind of outgoing. But what is frustrating, is that I know that I have the skills to be a surgeon.
I wonder how many other people get put off a career path because of the people already in it?


Hoa said...

Is it frustrating because it is your desire to be a surgeon (but don't want to associate that 'type of personality'?

The way I see it, if surgery is what drives you and you don't follow it because of idiots in the field then you are essentially letting them dictate your career - people you don't even know.

You know what, I bet that others have been in the same situation as you. You won't be the last...

And if you become a surgeon and follow your own ideals, I guarantee you one day a young aspiring surgeon will probably say... "Most surgeons are self-absorbed, class one a-holes, but that Julia... she's what I'm aspiring to become"

As for your patients, considering what you've said, your sensitivity to their needs will definitely be noticed among the patients you treat.

Point being J, people can change things larger than themselves. Don't let idiots discourage you. :)

Jaye said...

Thanks Hoa.. I know it's stupid to let these things get to you.. but medicine is such a hierarchy. It's so exclusive. Like those groups of friends that congregate in the school yard at high school.. the Cool people, the Skanks, the Jocks, the nerds... And god forbid you try to defect to another group!

It's such a stupid system, yet it happens, and it's hard to fight it sometimes.

the dude said...

hullo jools,

what are you saying you're b-day was non-eventful. i sent you an email! (ahahahah)

a wiser man than i once said:
"Nothing worth having . . . comes easy" - BK

sometimes this gives me some solace. sometimes.

be the salmon jools . . . be the salmon. ;p