Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hmm.. reading back on past entries.. it's like reading through a chronically depressed person's scattered thoughts. Apologies.
Perhaps it's just because I'm getting antsy living here in Mt Gambier.
Maybe it's because i'm waiting for next year to start?

Anyways, today I received an email which weirded me out... Apparently some editor of Schmap wants to use a photo i posted on Flickr depicting Cambridge.
Hmmmm... No money though.. just the knowledge that my photo is going to be used in a free publication about traveling to Cambridge.
Why weirded out? Well... it's a crappy picture! Well... not crappy.. but definitely not one of my best.

Secondly, on the weekend, I went to my first race day. It was in Dunkald, a Victorian small town on the boarder of Victoria and SA. Apparently this Dunkald Cup is quite popular.. Anyways, with nothing really to wear to the races, I had to borrow a dress from my housemate's girlfriend. It turned out to be a jolly day. Lost a huge $3 though. Damn horse 6!!
My friend (an american cowboy) commented at the end of the day saying that he doesn't understand Australian men. All the women get dressed up and make an effort with dresses and hats and things, while the guys all look like they could be at an afternoon bbq.
He admitted that he liked putting out his nice things- he managed to pull out a set of tails! (And was immediately swarmed on by his girlfriend plus others.)
But I was thinking... Australian culture doesn't really have a traditional dress code. Not like the germans with their Dirndl.. or English with their tuxedos..
Sometimes not having a root heritage is sad.
I guess this just made me appreciate mine a bit more.. despite being 5th generation Australian. At least I know my roots.


Jon P said...

Wow. Didn't know you were a 5th gen aussie. Learn something new day :)

Hoa said...

Hey J. This is a little disturbing...