Thursday, September 27, 2007

Well, it's been a while since I've updated this blog.
I'm getting ready for a trip to Belfast this coming weekend, and then a trip to Germany.
My travelling schedule is quite nuts- mostly because these trips have been last minute, and also because the cheaper flights are at times when normal people should be sleeping. My flight to Belfast arrives at 23:00.

Hmm.. Cambridge is the usual. Last week was the highlight of the elective, when an anaesthetist allowed me to do a spinal anaesthetic. Although this sounds horrible and difficult, it wasn't really... Maybe i'm getting desensitised to things in the medical world.. Actually, the one thing i was shuddering at was a clamp that was used to position a person's head during surgery. The ends looked like steal pencils, and were screwed into the patient's head. Talk about headache inducing.

Coming to the end of my elective in Cambridge. It's quite a beautiful town really.
On the weekend, went punting on the Cam and was quite pleased that i didn't fall in. My arms hurt for days afterwards though.
(For those not in the know.. punting is a form of (neolithic) rowing whereby someone decided that it would be great propelling the boat forward with a long wooden stick whilst standing up at the end of the boat. Madness.)

Oh, and this is perhaps the best photo i've taken! It's of 2 punts on the Cam towards Grandchester in Cambridge.


Hoa said...

wait a minute.. you're actually studying over in Cambridge? How long for?

Jaye said...

Yeh.. did a 6 week elective in Cambridge =)
Now i'm just travelling- to Germany tomorrow!

Jon P said...


The silence has gone on too long.

Where are you now?