Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The walls are closing in on me making (yet another*) life changing decision..
To stay or to go??
I've got 2 job offers next year- one in Adelaide, one in Sydney.
Now, which am i supposed to pick??

... While I don't call Adelaide home, I am unsure whether I call Sydney home either. I'm living the life of a gypsy, really! I haven't lived in the same place for more than 7 months i suspect.
Moving back to Sydney would be another huge move, which i'm hoping will be somewhat permanent. (By somewhat permanent, I mean more than 12 months!)
But here in Adelaide, I've enjoyed my independent freedom, met some awesome people and hung out with friends who I will miss if i were to leave.
Hmm.. Decisions..

* Yup, Exaggerating .. or perhaps not


JuZ JZin said...

try overseas? like singapore? haha

jp said...

forget about your decision whether to stay or go! . . . you met 'awesome' people in adelaide?! that can't be true! who? when?

kidding jools. just dropping a line. hope all is well in sydney and in your travels in the next few months.