Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Oh dear!
Today, after class, I thought that it would be great if i finally get my act together to buy some groceries for the week. But as soon as i got to the car, the back left tyre was completely and utterly FLAT!
And that's when i thought, "Good grief!*- Not for the THIRD time!"
Am i the unluckiest person in the world or what?!

Damnnit.. ..
At least i really know how to change a tyre.

Random thoughts running through my head:
Sin City- thought the look of the movie was better than the story. But made me want to try to make a movie like it just coz it looked so damn cool.
I have dry hands, must moisturise before bed.
I should get my roommate something for putting up with my car debarcle. He has been accomplanying me to get the tyre's patched.
Exams in 2 weeks. 14 days. stress. stress. stress.
Next time i go shopping, i need cheese, and glad wrap.
There's a photo competition running at our uni. I should get my act together and send in a picture. Which one shall i choose? Something good, coz the prize is uhh... they actually don't say.. But i've never won any sort of competition before.
I wonder how Naruto is going atm. Have they got Sasuke back yet? Or more importantly, are *any* of the female characters good yet? (Aside from the sand giant fan girl..she's pretty good.)
What do you cook with corn and leek? I've got a pretty old leek left over from lamb soup, and some corn left over from a salad. I guess you can just eat the corn by itself, but what do you do with leek? You can't really eat that raw..
Why am I so unfocused?

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Jon said...

You can make Negi Miso Ramen. Just a regular miso ramen with shredded leek over the top.

I think you could also make a creamed corn and diced leek soup. You could get some nice scallops and have a vermicelli and leek topping in XO sauce. You could could make a normal stirfry and then caramelise the leeks to bring out some more sweetness...

Oh and good luck with your exams.