Saturday, April 16, 2005

smoke. sydney. grey. people. push. shove. busy. murky. open. neon lighting. energy. buzz. open 24/7. fast cars. speed. buzzing. people. lost. dormant acquaintances. laughter. memories. flash flooding. pouring. dribbling. early haze. sunrise over cement. red. yawn. coffee. faces. awash. click clack. routines. generosity. moments. snap shots. gone.


Paul D said...

Hey hope you enjoyed your time here though.

Have a safe flight back! Don't forget to write!

Good luck for the next exams in so not enough time for any one human to prepair!

gamblor said...

It really feels like that doesn't it? Everything goes so fast in Sydney like warping through your day... Feels like you're in a different place each time you blink.

Jaye said...

Indeed! Especially when you leave Sydney to live in a quiet city like Adelaide.. As an outsider, you notice things you didn't before as an insider.