Monday, April 25, 2005

Grrrrrraaaaa! You know those links to the right.. well...Half of them dun work anymore!

But how romantic is the afternoon light peeping through bright green leaves?

And what's with the weather? FINALLY it's cold enough to really leave summer behind! I love winter and it's chilly biting wind. It's a good excuse to be wearing overcoats and scarves and beanies! =)

Last night I bought these frozen won tons for dinner- wat a disappointment! the meat was mush and it was too salty.. And for $5 for 20, it was at a premium price too!

Does anyone know a good way to glue feathers to bobby pins? I tried this morning, and gave up because i was mostly gluing my fingers together, whilst also inhaling toxic super glue fumes. Of course i was using super glue. Without gloves. With the windows closed.


gamblor said...

The sun's glare is just perfect... a really nice photo.. I think the best photo you've take was the heart shaped leaf under some steps from a fair while back. It took me a while to realise what was so special about the photo.

I like the shapes that the light makes on the ground beneath the trees on a sunny day. The are the most random shapes you could find.

Which reminds me:
"the sky resembles a back lit canopy, with holds punched in it..."

gamblor said...

With the absence of any morning coffee, my comment was riddled with typos. I couldn't bare to leave it like it was. And yes it's holes not holds..

Ha, What a fool. But not as foolish as my slave's husband...

Jaye said...

You know..
I was thinking of that quote the other day! Because I was cleaning out my car, and found 4 copies of that Incubus CD that my brother had kindly left me once he returned to Sydney.

The quote reminds me of the time-it seems like an age ago now- i was really into music. Of course it didn't help that my then bf was into music as well.. (there goes money!)

I recently found out that he is engaged!
~And i made an as yet unfulfilled mental note to post him his lil wrestling figurine and paddington bear that he gave me- if i can find them... (tho the odds that i'll find them somewhere in my junk spread over 2 cities is slim to none.)

gamblor said...

Are you telling me you had 4 copies of the same CD or 4 of their albums? I'd be guessing the latter. I think morning view is a great album.

You know its weird, I relate the CD's in my collection to a particular period of my life. I listen to a particular CD and close my eyes and I'm almost there, in that time of my life.

Like morning view reminds me of a couple years back. I can just about smell my apartment and I start remembering some of the things I did during that year. Then something like Blink 182's Dude Ranch is just soo 1998. High school. The first time I ever really got into music.

You know I think its so weird that when you think of the past you remember little things that you did, seemingly unimportant events that you remember as comfortable and happy. Is it just me?

I had that period of not listening to much music but it's come back kind of heavily. I started listening to emo and remember why I liked music so much. Have you heard Saves The Day? The Strokes are great too.

eeek. Engaged... Not even on the radar for me.

Jaye said...

Yeh, music has the uncanny ability to send you back to the past! =) Too bad text books don't come as CD's hey?

I used to work, which = money, which = money easily squandered on music and other things..
Now i'm a poor uni student again! so no money.
I'm guessing your work?

And believe it or not- 1 copy of SCIENCE, 2 copies of Morning View, and a hybrid of songs from A Crow Left of the Murder and Morning View. Hmmm... It isn't as bad as it sounds- 3 of them are scratched and mangled.

I'm pretty out of the whole music scene i guess.. I only ever play cd's in the car- so i dun have any idea about today's music =p
Tho i was entertaining a housemate's friend from Melbourne last week, and she re-aquainted me with bands i had forgotten about- The Dandy Warhols, Cat power, the Detroit Cobras..
The strokes are good... Again, my brother gave me their cd! (He's obliviously my music lifeline. Biased though- he likes grunge-pop rock-guitar-type stuff.)

Whick explains my ignorance of all things emo... Is Nick Cave emo? he's kinda punk..
What is emo anyway?

gamblor said...

Its cool. emo was new to me too. I realised what one of the blink songs on Dude Ranch was called emo. It means emotional hardcore.. With its roots in punk, but more of a focus on emotional lyrics and such. A lot soft-to-loud songs. Nick Cave is not emo.

If you want a taste, here's a link to music of one of my favourite emo bands, Saves the Day:
Scroll to the bottom and download the songs off "Through Being Cool". If you could be bother be sure to get "My Sweet Fracture", "The Last Lie I Told", "Rocks Tonic Juice Magic" and "You Vandal".

Their newer stuff is more poppy, so i'm not too into it. I really like this album the most. Kinda the same with Blink. I like their stuff before they became popular.

At The Drive In are a defunct emo band but they where great when they were together. Their album Relationship of Command would be at the top of my list alongside The Verve's Urban Hymn's and Placebo's Black Market Music (obviously both not emo). Have you heard One Armed Scissor? They are now split up into Sparta and The Mars Volta.

If you like games you can try Be warned though, it is full of some quite obscene parts but overall its really funny and an oh so true take on the music industry (basically MTV and popular TV is evil!). 2.0 and bush game are the best of the four. Its actually how I came across emo. I found a link on AlbinoBlackSheep and I played the games and found that all the music in the background was great and the main chracters of the game where people from emo bands.

Anyways, I think that's enough of me evangelising emo.

You know, I cook a mean bolognese. None of this sauce in a jar stuff. It is simply the best pasta!

Oh yeah, I just remember I am at work right now so I better get back to it...