Sunday, October 31, 2004


Diana Krall isn't an olden-days singer.. she's a jazz singer..
She isn't even old! Born in 1964.
Shows how much I know about music.

I'm 3/4 of the way through our massive 4 day "holiday" after exams.
There's been a lot of things going on- and a lot of things i want to do/ planned to do, but just haven't. No excuses. Just the way things have turned out.

Last night, i watched Love Actually. It's kinda ironic- Last year I was poking fun of my friend Jen, when we went to England because she wanted to see Love Actually sooooo badly. It turned out that it's a pretty decent movie. I especially liked the different perspectives on love- and how much it hurts and messes with you, but also, how good it is when love is reciprocated. Bitter sweet is how love is described. It is it's own oxymoron.

Also went and saw the Australian String Quartet play in the city. They were awesome. I especially liked Janacek's String Quartet No.2, called "intimate Letters". Reminded me of being in the inside of a person's head who is in love. All intense, and dynamic and manic. It was brillent! Full of emotion, and wonder and sharp juttery edges.

I often wonder if I'll ever find love. Perhaps?

My cousin is getting married at the end of November. I'm hoping that musicians will pop out amongst the congregation in the aisles singing "All you need it love.."
One can always hope.

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