Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Australian's are idiots.

1) I was walking to the supermarket, when this random lady came up to me and spat out,"Asian Pig!". I gave her one of my super delux evil-eyes- but refrained from saying anything. She retaliated by screwing up her face with contempt and saying, "Don't stare at me! You might contaminate me!"


2) Johnny Howard was re-elected.
Seriously, are people blind? Stoopid? Ignorant? Hello?

3) Ricky-Lee got voted off Australian Idol.
Don't they know that NOONE can sing the Beatles? That's what makes the Beatles so great..
Oh, and Glenn A Baker- the music historian that was on the show, used to be my next door neighbour.. back in the day when i Lived in baulkham hills. He was scary. I accidently threw my Kit doll(from Thunder cats) over the fence, and was too scared to go and get it. (Pointless story)


Anonymous said...

If you classify all Australians are idiots, you are no better then the lady who walked up to you in the supermarket.



Anonymous said...

The same as that lady? Hardly.
What WOULD make me the same as that lady, was if i went up to every australian i saw, spat in their face and called them an "Australian pig".

What I think you mean is that I'm stereotyping people just like she stereotyped me. What makes me different is that I don't actively verbally abuse the people I sterotype in such a way in that they get 1)Angry 2)Hurt 3)Frustrated with the fact that not everyone realises that Australia was settled and colonised by foreign English/Dutch people. AND, that even though everyone- bar Aboriginal people- comes from another continent, they still have to judge people based on their nationality.

But thanks for your opinion anyway HL.

Anonymous said...


"Australian's are idiots"


By that, you were referring to her 'only' right?