Monday, August 09, 2004

What is?

What is the Crazy Horse?
Perhaps it'll be a bit clearer if I spell it like:
Crazy Whores.
Ok. It's a strip joint.
Am I the only one who doen't really see what the whole fuss is about? It's hedonistic. It's narcissistic. It's well... what old fusty guys who earn too much money and have no social lives what-so-ever (or footballers) go to see.

What is Pulsus Paradoxus?
Nope. I can't make it more clearer than that.
Spelling or none.
It's when there is a decrease in systolic blood pressure when you breathe in.
But don't worry.
It's normal (If it's a less than 10 mm Hg difference).
If it's greater than 10?
You're screwed.
Nah, it just means you've probably got either constrictive pericarditis, or tamponade, or Chronic Obstructive airways disease.
Which leads to heart failure.
Which means you're screwed. (I was lying before)

What is Stupidity?
When you lock the car door and completely forget about the fact that the keys to the car are still in the ignition.
That is:

Love the world we're in.


Paul D said...

I've been to the crazy horse. It was lots of fun for the whole 10 minutes and one over priced beer I had!! So much fun wooo yehhhh :)

Win said...

i've never been to a strip club before, although i'm soon to be 22. maybe i should have that overpriced beer sometime just to say i've checked it out. :)

but i'm not old, fusty, nor do i earn too much money. that social life thing is questionable tho, but i'm definitely not a footballer. so maybe i should wait 'till i'm one of those things before i turn completely hedonistic (actually, why is it hedonistic?). also, would you say it's immoral, or would you say it simply lacks taste? i'd agree that it lacks taste, but immoral might be a hard point to argue.

oh yeah, the stupidity thing - i've had to get the nrma / my mum to rescue me too many times 'cos of that.

enough ranting from me. over and out.

Jaye said...

$12 entry fee.
$6 for beer. (They didn't even have Coopers.. which is SA's national drink)

Funnily enough, we went for Kim's 22nd birthday. Stayed for an hourish and made sarcastic remarks - or rather, I made sarcastic remarks.... After all, there's 2 types of people who go to Strip joints: Seedy old businessmen/footballers/People who don't associate in the real world, and People like us uni bums who are there to see what all the fuss is about.

Didn't know that Crazy Horse is a chain. They must be reeling in the money.

Anyway, t'was an experience.. =p