Saturday, August 14, 2004

That Night

Yesterday night began with a frenzied trip to the op shop, and finished with a trip to Macca's at 0200. The dining area wasn't open, so we went through the drive through.

A kid- Ryan - 14years old, took our order and was quite tolerant of the drunken orders being shouted at him by my friends. Grace wanted a toy, but sadly, he wouldn't budge, which caused cries of disjuncture and almost incited a riot in the back seat. "That Ryan, so tight.. give us a toy man!"*

Our food was given to us by a chick - Jenelle - an 18 year old who looked quite young (to my defense). Before I knew her age, I stuck my head out the window of the car and asked her if she was going out with Ryan. She twisted her face with disgust and cried, "I'm 18! And ryan's, like, 12!" With that, she turned her back and shook her head some more.


There went our chances for that Macca's toy.

*Just a toned down sample of the comments thrown around in the car. These comments and similar went on for several minutes, in the manner of drunken speech. Accompanied with much laughter from the 'not-so-drunk' of course.


ian said...

tsk tsk such a trouble maker =p
what is that a picture of? aurora borealis?

Jaye said...

The picture is of Brighton beach one afternoon when it was in the twilight region of the evening.
I was looking down from the pier, and it was super windy, which made the normally still water all gushy and rough.

The pink and green lights were from the lights lining the pier walkway.