Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Things I've thought about lately that are making me rethink my strategy on life-
It's easier not to do the right thing.
Yes, it's true.
Take having the "you're taking too much pain medication" talk.
Patients have spent the past 3-4 weeks taking pretty hard core pain medication after surgery. They have built a tolerance and (some might argue) addiction to pain medication. It's time to wean them off.

It is easier for me to write them a script for their medication and avoid talking to them.

Instead, I spend 15 (often painful) minutes telling them why they should cut down, and attempting to start the opioid weaning process prior to discharge. Rarely I get the "that's cool doctor go ahead" response. A majority of patients are defensive and anxious- "you think i'm a junkie", "You don't believe that i'm in pain", "i've been having this dose and I'm sticking with it!" "Can't you give me more than that doctor??! What am i going to do when they run out?"
It's easier to just do what they want, continue with the routine, not shake the boat.

In my own life, I hope I have learnt from my frustrating times at work, but lately I've noticed the same corroding behaviour influencing my choices. Easier to stay in this simple (yet limitlessly annoying, frustrating and vapid) job. Easier to stay within the same circle of people talking about the same subjects. Easier not to go to the gym! eep!

Time to have that annoying talk with myself..

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