Thursday, March 25, 2010


Jon P said...


Is that Himeji castle and... fushimi inari taisha? the shrines all look the same :P

And a dinner that I would've stolen from you.

Jaye said...

I'm really impressed you remember- It's been a few years since you've visited Japan now hasn't it?

Himeji castle,
A lane in Kyoto around Gion area,
In the Ryoanji Temple in Kyoto,
Mt Koya near Osaka,
Traditional vegetarian buddhist dinner at our accomodation at Ichijyoji Temple in Mt Koya.

Jon P said...

nom nom nom

vegetarian buddhist dinner... om nom nom nom.

That would be awesome. Don't suppose you've figured out how to recreate some of them?

jfox said...

nice! how long were you in japan for?

love the rock tea party =)
hope all is well with you!