Monday, January 19, 2009

So lazy.
I've today off accidentally due to the hospital's travel agent telling me my flight was on Sunday, when really my flight was on Saturday! (I was supposed to work in Wagga for 1 week.)
Anyways, I'm not so disappointed really.

It's officially the start of my second year of being a doctor- Now i ditch the term 'intern' and call myself a 'resident'.
What does that mean?
Well, nothing except that I'm no longer the very bottom of the hospital ladder.

Looking back on my internship, i've thought that it wasn't all bad.
For one, the lessons in life and work, I've learnt.
(Always wear gloves, try to smile, gossip always returns to bite you in the gluteus medius, don't date people who have just come out of a 9 year relationship, try to be generous, a life balance between work and hobbies will keep you sane.. )
The people I've met.
(The wonderful other junior doctors I've worked with, Tim my mo, friends through friends..)
And of course, my friends who still welcome me despite the fact that I've been generally unsociable during the year.
(Daphne my crazy friend in Adelaide, Mel and caz, matt and JP in Melbourne. Aaron dropped by from SA, and even Mandi visited from Alice Springs!)

However, I'm still rather clueless as to what I want to do with my life..
And Brett, my housemate has decided that he's moving out!

Here's to this year, being eventful, exciting, and filled with new experiences to keep me on my toes.

In the words of a friend who is sadly going back to London- "It's not a bad life really.."

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