Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Today out of the blue, I received a call from the associate professor of psychiatry..
Ages ago now, maybe 2 months ago, I left a copy of my audit on 'treatment of amphetamine induced psychosis in emergency departments' with his secretary. I never thought that he would read it.

So he rang, and proceeded to give me feedback, quoting page numbers and paragraphs. He then asked if he could use my research in a presentation he was giving to other Department of Health bigwigs. -With my permission of course!

He then said that my audit is worth publishing in journal!

It would be a lot of work, in a small amount of time..
But I've never had anything published before.. (Aside from that clich├ęd short story i wrote in year 10 about a boy suiciding by drowning himself.)

So, after a week of being emotionally confused and physically sick, I'm excited! *dances*


Hoa said...

Getting published in a journal? That's awesome news! Seriously...congratulations J! :)

Jaye said...

Thanks Hoa!
I was a bit stunned on the phone.. But yeh.. =) =D

jp said...

hey jools,

just dropping a line.

congrats on 'the paper'. i hope it makes it all the way. wow . . . a published paper. very exciting.


jfox said...

that's FANTASTIC news :D yaaay! congrats, so happy for you! the hard work will be all worth it.
[you've been sick? hope you're feeling better!!]