Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I just completed a CPR and advanced life support assessment..
During, my heart was racing, I was worried about the patient (a simulation mannequin), and stressing about what I was missing, or what I should be doing instead. It's amazing how realistic things are when you are 'in the moment'.

To be honest, I didn't think I would get this far- Giving orders and taking charge in an emergency situation where someone's - real or pretend- life is in your hands is a frikken nerve wrecking experience. Half way through the second round of CPR, I wanted to shout 'Live damnnit LIVE!' But i was too tired pounding on the patient's chest doing compressions, and counting up to 30. I hardly had time to think.

This time, I managed to revive the patient after what seemed like forever doing chest compressions. Statistics for CPR success is somewhat more pessimistic- about 0.5% are successfully revived.

Anyways, right now, i'm revelling in my win.


LILWAR said...

Congrats and reanimating the dummy. I'm sure he ...or she.... fully appreciates it.

Where are you flying to anyways??

Jaye said...

I'm flying to England, singapore, and maybe europe or scotland..
We'll see! =)