Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hmm... 7 days ago, one of my longest-held friends was married. It was a beautiful day, and I guess a bit surreal at the time.
When you've known someone for 15 years or so.. (I've known her since year 3!) you're used to them being a kid. Young. Rash. Excitable. Running to school to get to assembly on time. And while the days of building tree houses and making friendship bands have been long gone, I guess the act of getting married cements the departure of childhood into adulthood.
I wondered if I'd ever make that step. Or find someone to haul me into true adulthood. Mature. Self assured. Driven towards a future.

That night I met up with a friend from my first uni degree. I think we're both in this transitional limbo, with uncertainty about our futures. Full of hypotheticals, possible pathways and self doubt.

We ended up playing with lego until 3am.

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LILWAR said...


Maybe you 2 should tie the knot since you`re in that limbo together ;)