Monday, September 06, 2004

I remember when I was little my grandma used to cook chicken instant noodles for me, and rice or my brother. I love noodles and my brother loved rice.
She used to cut up my noodles with a spoon and fork before I started eating them. Mainly to prevent me from splashing soup all over myself because my fork and I couldn't quite grapple with endlessly long noodles.
She used to serve us a soya sauce drumstick as well. That was my brother's favourite meal- soya sauce chicken and rice.

That was when i was little enough to believe that if i picked those little pink flowers at the front of my grandma’s house, they would be taken at night by fairies.
When I believed that Ewoks and Monkey Magic were the epitome of crime fighting heroes around the world.
When I believed my grandma was the greatest because she used to walk every day to the shops with her trolley.
And when I didn't know about anything as insidious as cancer.

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